Chrysler Pacifica’s New Entertainment System

December 14th, 2017 by

Chrysler Pacifica’s UConnect System will change the way people look at vehicle entertainment. This new feature installed in each unit will give the driver and the passenger the ultimate road trip experience. Each system is equipped with an 8.4-inch screen where most of the action takes place. The system also has USB ports which would allow device connectivity, making it possible to watch movies or play games straight from your devices while traveling. The system is also capable of connecting to the internet while being on the road. Aside from that, you can also listen to your favorite radio station by using the AM/FM radio feature, HD radio feature, and even the XM radio feature! There is also a built-in navigation system that uses the GPS technology, hands-free Bluetooth calling, and emergency services which would allow the system to call for help in times of need. Visit your nearest dealership and order your new Chrysler Pacifica today!

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