Our Staff

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  • Blake Fulenwider

    Blake Fulenwider, a graduate of the University of Texas and a native of Georgetown has more than 18 years experience in the automotive industry and serves as the president of Blake Fulenwider Chrysler Dodge Jeep.  His passion runs deep for community involvement and he is committed to helping make the communities his dealerships are located in wonderful places to live, work and play.

  • Cody Foster
    Vice Pres. & Chief Operating Officer

  • Mike Fountaine
    Managing Partner, Chief Technology Officer

    Mike is the most fun person we have in the company.  He's not the youngest, and not the oldest... but he thinks he's the most hip!  Check with Mike if you have any questions on Technology - that's what he's in charge of for all the dealerships.  Plus he's a managing partner. So watch for Mike to show up in any of the dealerships. He's really a little fatter than his photo shows - the software just stretched his face a little so he's got the Jay Leno chin going on.  And one more thing; he's a human, not a fast talking sales guy, so he's gonna guide the sales staff to take real good care of all of our customers.

  • Rick Hanzelka
    Managing Partner, VP of Fixed Operations

  • Cole Massey
    General Manager

    Cole Massey is a new father. He and his wife have just had their first baby. So now that he's not working in the oil fields, you'll see him running the sales desk as our general sales manager. Cole moved from Cisco to Abilene to be closer to work since that's where he spends the majority of his time.  As a successful Sale Manager at our Clyde dealership, Cole has proven his a leader and is now heading up our Snyder dealership. He's determined and focused which has helped him in his pursuit to move up the Blake Fulenwider ladder of success.

  • Shane Pettiet
    VP Sales West Texas

  • Jacob Allen
    Chief Financial Officer

    This hard working man serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Blake Fulenwider Automotive. He lives in Brownwood with his wife and 2 daughters. His current career path has him planning on taking the CPA exam in a few months. With a background in finance, banking and insurance, he's a great fit for Blake Fulenwider.  And if that's not enough about Jacob, ask him about his favorite movie: American Sniper.

  • Kevin Monsey
    Pre-owned Inventory Manager

  • Daniel Arellano
    Detail/Make Ready

    Daniel Arellano Jr. is our Auto Detailer/Make Ready genius. His hard work is what makes our vehicles sparkle and shine when they are delivered to you after the sale. He's outgoing and trustworthy and is best known for helping people when they need it and setting a good example for his son, Carson. Daniel lives in Snyder with his wife Megan and hopes to one day own his own restaurant. His proudest moments happen every time his son looks up to him.

  • Jimmy Carter
    Sales Professional

    Jimmy Carter is not a politician - he's a sales person with 25 years' experience.  He's outgoing, helpful and gracious and enjoys seeing a smile on someone's face when he's helped them out, Jimmy is a former mechanic and happily adjusting to the front end of the automotive business. He's so happy that he has no plans of ever retiring!  He's a father with 2 children and grandbabies. Next time you see Jimmy, give him a pat on the back for his service to our country. He's served 3 years in the Army National Guard. 

  • Jesus Garcia
    Automotive Technician

  • Wesley Hernandez
    Automotive Technician

  • Drew Hutcherson
    F & I Director

    Drew Hutcherson has been a sales professional in our Clyde dealership for many years before transferring to Snyder to become Finance & Insurance manager.  He is a husband and father.  In addition to be outgoing, Drew says he's pretty awesome. We agree. He's has achieved Expert level in training in Jeep, RAM and UConnect, so ask him any challenging questions and he's gonna WOW you with his awesome responses. We expect that Drew will perform just as well in his F&I position.

  • Tessa Kirby
    Title Clerk

    Tessa Kirby is a Title Clerk for Blake Fulenwider in Snyder.  She's always been in clerical work, so we know you can count on Tessa to make sure your car title is where it's supposed to be at any given time following the sale. 

  • Trey Ledisman
    Sales Professional

    Trey Ledisman is a salesman who is definitely outgoing and funny. You'll find him cracking up the sales staff in sales meetings and looking for anything fun to do in his downtime.  His proudest moment was when he got word that he was going to travel to Australia to play football. He loves the Transformers movies and country music, but his real goal in the next few years is to have a family and be able to provide for them.  

  • Todd Lovelady
    BusinessLink Consultant

    You'll find Todd Lovelady traveling the highways and back roads of the Big Country and West Texas making sales calls on our commercial accounts.  That's because he's our BusinessLink sales representative. Todd lives in Abilene and has a bunch of grandkids he enjoys with his wife and their kids. Todd loves being a father to his family and setting a good example through his work ethic.  His favorite movie is Lonesome Dove.    

  • Darrin Manlief

  • Juan Medina
    Sales Professional

    Juan Medina was born in Mexico and currently makes his home in Snyder along with his parents and siblings.  They have successfully run a restaurant for 15 years and have accomplished that while learning English as a second language.  Juan prides himself on making friends with anyone and has the ability to help anyone who needs help while contributing to the community around him. You'll find him listening to all sorts of music and being a big ole teddy bear when it comes to down time. Give Juan a call today to schedule your next test drive.

  • Rob Miller
    Sales Manager

  • Chris Olivarez
    Service Technician

    Chris Olivarez is from Colorado City and is a service technician for us.  If you're in the market for repair work on your diesel engine, Chris is the guy for you. He's studied Heavy Duty Diesel Technology and knows the ins and outs of diesel repairs. But if you really want to know what makes Chris happy, ask him about raising animals and exhibiting at the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo.  He's a champion and won his class there. Now that's an outstanding experience!

  • Raul Rodriguez
    Service Avisor

    Raul Rodriguez is a Service Advisor from Fremont, Ohio that has been transplanted to Snyder.  He's the father of 2 sons, Dylan and Jonathan. Prior to coming to Blake Fulenwider Raul worked in the energy sector. Now that he's found his true love in automotive work, Raul is happy to be learning every day and enjoying life. His favorite vacation was to London and Amsterdam. It probably won't be too long before he ventures across the pond again. He says that vacation was the best time of his life other than the birth of his sons.

  • Josh Ruiz

    Josh Ruiz is a Chrysler Certified Service Technician.  You'll always find Josh in the top group of service techs at Blake Fulenwider Automotive.  His work ethic and ability to Be Expert, and Do Right the first time squarely place him at the top of his game. With 15 years' experience, Josh just gets in the service bay and works like a BEAST! Josh's proudest accomplishment are his three children. 

  • Debbie Summers
    Office manager

  • Edward Wolfe
    Automotive Technician

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