Transport Your Food Stress Free These Holidays

November 22nd, 2017 by

Food is a central part of the holiday season, as is the stress of figuring out how best to transport it without making a huge mess in the back of your vehicle. While carrying dishes in someone’s lap might work for short distances, it’s definitely not ideal.

If you’ll be bringing your food long distance, consider freezing some of the dishes ahead of time. They can thaw during the drive, and be ready to heat quickly, if needed, when you arrive at your destination

Freezing won’t work for the dishes you’re bringing? There is still a way to simplify the process. Purchase foil dishes or use dishes you don’t care about, and pack it all sturdy container that will hold everything. Pad with towels to stop dishes from moving around and keep messes to a minimum.

We here at Blake Fulenwider Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram wish you a safe and mess free trip these holidays.

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