The Various Meaning of Your Dashboard Warning Lights

December 4th, 2017 by

Being conversant with the meaning of the different warning lights that pop-up at your dashboard can save you a lot of money and time. In some cases, it may protect you from a fatal road accident. For this reasons, our Blake Fulenwider Snyder staff have a thorough knowledge of what the lights may indicate. Here are a few alerts that you need to pay attention to;

– The oil warning light – it flashes when the oil temperature becomes so high, when the level of oil is low or when the pressure is low. Without proper oil level, or when the temperature is too high, the engine will be devoid lubrication.

– Tire pressure monitor alert – they will signal you when the tire pressure falls due to a puncture in most cases.

– The battery charge warning light- usually the battery warning lights pop up when you turn on your car but disappears after a short time. If it doesn’t disappear, your alternator could be faulty, the cabling could be damaged, or the battery itself may have failed.

Your car dealer will help you understand all the lights based on your vehicle’s model and repair the parts that may have been damaged.

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